Novelty crafts are a great way to get your guests involved in your event. Below are various options that will have your guests using their creativity to create the final product. From choosing the style of bamboo pot for Lucky Bamboo to coming up with just the right saying for their sign in our Sign Shop event, this is all about choices and being involved.

Novelty Crafts


Choose from various popular signs and make them your own by adding a your saying.

Sign Shop


Decorate and design your own fish tank. Finish it off by adding a fish to your new tank.

Fish Tanks


Stuff your own teddy bear and dress it up with a custom t-shirt with your logo.

Stuff a Plush


Multi colored bottles and various scents to choose from are all part of making your custom reed diffuser.

Reed Diffusers


Make your own multi colored, multi flavored granulated candy treat.

Candy Art


Use various colors of our granulated wax to blend the perfect candle.

Candle Art


Spell out your name using unique photographs that resemble letters, printed and placed on foam board.

Photo Name Art


Choose from various ceramic pots, pick your bamboo and put it all together to make your Lucky Bamboo.

Lucky Bamboo


Dye your own t-shirt to make a unique and one of a kind Tie Dye t-shirt.

Tie Dye Factory


Fully custom pennant flags! You get to choose the color, name and logos that go on your very own pennant.



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Spin Art Frisbee


Layer different colored sand into various shaped bottles to create a unique craft.

Sand Art


Make your own beaded jewelry from thousands of beads available.

Bead Factory

Spa Setting

Create your very own scented lotion from over a dozen available scents and various bottles.

Lotion Factory

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