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Fish Tanks

Start of by picking the color for your tank. Guests can choose between pink, blue, green, yellow, or orange and then move on to the gravel section where you can mix and match different gravel colors or just stick with one. You can also choose your school colors and show off that school spirit!

Next step – time to Feng shui that fish tank with some shells and mini palm trees. And finally, the moment we are all waiting for...The Fish! You get to pick and catch your new fish friend and place them in the home you just created. Grab a food packet, some care instructions, and you are ready to go!

We use a variety of appropriate fish varieties that require minimal care and will only grow to less than 3". The fish we offer are appropriate for the size tank and with a little care, will thrive in their new home.


  • Space: 20' x 10"​ (Three 6' Tables)

  • Height: 7'

  • Power: Not Required

  • Attendant: 2

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