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Sit back, relax, take a deep breath and enjoy a session of pampering provided by our highly trained spa professionals. Take a break from stressful studies with a relaxing massage, some time with hot stone therapy, a skin beautifying facial, or a cute new manicure. Your mind, body, spirit, and guests will thank you!!

Relaxation Fair


Mini Chair Massage

Relaxing Chair Massages by our Certified Massage Therapists.  Perfect way to destress.

Woman with Face Cream

Mini Facials

Mini relaxing  facials, includes hydrating cooling slices of real cucumbers!

Shiny Lip Gloss

Lip Balm Factory

Make your own flavored lip balm and keep those lips hydrated with your favorite flavor.


Reed Diffusers

Multi colored bottles and various scents to choose from are all part of making your custom reed diffuser.


Candle Art

Use various colors of our granulated wax to blend the perfect candle


       Mini Manis

Pick a new nail polish color and relax as our manicurists pamper you with a mini manicure.

Henna Tattoo in Progress

Henna Artist

Relax while our henna artist creates temporary art on your hand.


Smoothie Bar

A variety of smoothie flavors and watch our staff blend their colorful drink right in front of them. Add a straw, a mini umbrella, and enjoy!


Lucky Bamboo

Choose from various ceramic pots, pick your bamboo and put it all together to make your Lucky Bamboo.

Spa Setting

Lotion Factory

Create your very own scented lotion from over a dozen available scents and various bottles.

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